IAME Cadet Race at Shennington – Alfie Slater

IAME Cadet Race at Shennington

Shenington Race Circuit played host to Alfie’s next race, in the 3rd round of the winter series.

Similar to the conditions in Kimbolton, the weather had gone from sunny to pouring rain. Alfie did not let this stop him and showed great pace throughout all practices showing he could be in the top 5. In the first heat Alfie was hoping to push through and have a top ten finish. As the green flag dropped, Alfie was trying his hardest to make his way through to the front. After the first lap he was up to 11th. A decision to go to new wets was potentially hindering him as his pace was struggling. Overall finishing 15th with a nose cone penalty.

The second heat was underway with Alfie starting in 5th position. He managed to skilfully manoeuvre his way up to 3rd however a few little mistakes cost him and pushed him down to 6th. Recognizing and correcting his mistakes ensured Alfie put in some great lap times managing to catch the pack again finishing 5th overall.

With the final approaching, the rain was beginning to slow down, this left a decision to be made to ensure Alfie was racing with the correct tyres for the conditions. Starting out in 8th position and hoping to move forward and gain places, Alfie had a great start. Moving up to 4th and then 3rd he was easily keeping up with the front runners. Alfie was not the battling stage now and doing his utmost to ensure he kept his position, Alfie’s tyres may not have worked well with the track as he was struggling for pace slightly. Overall finishing in 5th position, after a few challenging races Alfie was pleased that the result matched his hard work. Alfie’s next outing will be at Glan y gors due to the IAME postponement at Mariembourg.


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