Little Green Man @ Glan Y Gors – Alfie Slater

Little Green Man @ Glan Y Gors

From the last round of the winter series, The Slater squad headed into the summer championships. Held at the Glan Y Gors race circuit, 9-year-old Alfie was looking forward to making a solid start to the season.

Due to the LGM having a short timescale of allowing the drivers to become familiar with the track, Alfie was faced with the challenge of competing after only having a day’s worth of testing. That being said, Alfie went out and showed great skill and potential. He set personal best lap times, these being only a few mere seconds from the best times overall. Completing the testing on a positive note left the Slater squad feeling hopeful about the race day to come.

As race day came around, there were a huge number of competitors, all ready and raring to go. 6 heats were set with each driver competing in 3 with a limited turnaround time in between. Alfie took part in heats 2, 3 and 5 with mixed grids of front middle and back. After heat 2, Alfie lined up 18th on the grid and was ready to take on his first ever championship.

Alfie didn’t get the best start, dropping down to 26th but making a few places back and finishing 21st. Alfie then had his middle heat, but still only 16th, meaning he dropped down to 27th and again had to fight his way up as much as he could crossing the line in 24th . The third and final heat had his front grid starting 6th. The Slater squad had made sure Alfie was pumped up and ready to go – hoping to get out of the B final.
Having a great initial start, Alfie made it up to 4th position but unfortunately a competitor going for a move collided with him meaning he crashed on the opening lap and was out of the heat only getting back on track for the last couple laps.

With the bad luck of the third heat and not the best results from the first two, put Alfie to start 18th on the grid. Out of this race, there were to be only four getting through to the A final.
He kept positive and took on the challenge. He had a great start, making it up to 15th and a fighting Alfie had his fire back that he lacked a little in the heat.
He was making some great overtaking manoeuvres, making his way all the way up to 10th place and still on a charge with the group ahead which would’ve put him in the top 5 and maybe a chance of the A final.
Alfie putting in some great lap times that saw him catch the group fairly quickly. Whilst bravely battling for position for 9th place, his other competitor would not yield, and Alfie made contact and unfortunately spun out. This meant he lost places and would not make the final.
Whilst Alfie’s hard work didn’t quite pay off, he kept positive with what he had learned, and was ready to work even harder in his next race.

Overall, not the start Alfie was looking for however there is still a long way to go this season. He is growing rapidly in experience and skill level, regularly demonstrating what he has learnt and how far he has come. Alfie’s next focus will be a different class for his next race in the SKUSA championship in the state of Utah, America competing in the micro swift category.

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